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T'is the season to be Jolly

The sunshine has gone, in it's place fog, rain, train strikes and icy surfaces. It's time for us to put up those decoration and start being nice to strangers. Christmas season means Christmas markets. I took this opportunity to arrive at a Christmas market in Rochester as it's good to keep active. Why not have some Christmas photography.

Fun fair

I came back to Rochester on the 1st of December 2019 due to the wonderful atmosphere outside inner London and it's suburbs. Rochester is one of the many places in England where there is a mixture of historic and modern in-twinned together. The locals are always friendly and I know that I will get an array of fabulous pictures.

Smith's fun fairs

The highlight of this trip was meeting the Chatham citadel Salvation Army band lead by the skilful Nigel Lockwood. I did a little research and found out the band was initiated in Salisbury in 1878 (141 years). They were at the Market to perform Christmas melodies for the onlookers and raise money for the homeless and other charitable causes.

Still smiling

One of there members had been playing for 58 years! And even in the cold, was excited still to play in the band. For me this is something special. Often people do something they love and it wears off after a few hours, weeks or months. But to last over half a century and still have a buzz is an accomplishment.

Can you look back on the hobbies you have done? Can you remember the time you had your passion for it only for it to die off? I know there were things in my life that I could have stuck with and left an amazing legacy like the lady I met.

Western flute

Listening to the band play, we met a lady called Nicky. She spoke to us about coming out of London and moving to Kent. She said that she loves the Christmas markets, but did admit having been to them year after year the novelty does wear off a little. Her face lit up when a member called Ray turned up. She let us know that when she was younger she was helped out musically by him and now she is a music teacher! Imagine that! The seed was planted and has fully grown to produce more after it's kind (figuratively meaning the investment in her paid off, she has developed those lessons and now is equipped to invest in others).


Positive news is a great way to enter into the month. Who would of thought a band who originally was formed in the 19th century (originally to act as bodyguards for a choir to sing) would one day become a band that surpassed generations. I want to encourage you to be what you are intended to be. You have no idea of the impact it will have on generations to come.

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