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First impressions


Perceptions are the mental images we form about a person, place, or thing. They are shaped by our experiences, culture, beliefs, and expectations. In today's world, perceptions are more important than ever. They influence how we interact with others, make decisions, and even shape our future. In this blog, we'll take a deeper look at perceptions and how they impact the hiring process.


When buying fruit, we often make choices based on what we see. If the banana is full of spots and freckles we may avoid it and go for one that is bright yellow and spotless. We do not know which banana taste best, however out of concern that there may be something wrong we tend to lean towards the safer option.


According to a recent study, the first impression that recruiters have of a candidate can play a crucial role in the hiring process. In fact, recruiters form a first impression of a candidate within the first seven seconds of meeting them. This first impression can influence the entire interview process and make or break a candidate's chance of being hired.

To narrow down candidates, recruiters use a variety of tools such as applicant tracking systems, online assessments, and social media screening. These tools allow them to quickly identify and eliminate candidates who don't meet their requirements.

When screening a candidate, recruiters look for a variety of things including skills and experience, cultural fit, personality, and communication skills. They also consider the candidate's social media presence, online reputation, and references.

It's important to remember that perceptions are not always accurate or fair. In some cases, unconscious bias can influence the hiring process and lead to the rejection of qualified candidates. This is why many companies are now focusing on diversity and inclusion initiatives to help reduce bias and promote a more inclusive hiring process.

Social media

It is useful to manage your social media presence by ensuring you are seen in your best light. From avoiding posting things that may harm you to getting fresh professional headshots. The evidence suggests that your portrait may play a role in your recruitment. Evidence suggests recruiters actively look for this. A study by Jobvite found that 41% of recruiters believe that a candidate's profile picture influences their first impression. This means that the photo is the first thing recruiters see when they search for a candidate online, and it can have a significant impact on whether they decide to reach out for an interview.


  1. Maintain a Professional Profile - Recruiters are looking for candidates who display a professional demeanour online. Make sure to use a professional profile photo and handle, and keep all posts and comments respectful and appropriate.

  2. Engage in Industry-Specific Conversations - Show recruiters that you have a genuine interest in your field by participating in relevant conversations on social media. Share articles and insights, and engage with others in your industry to develop a reputation as a thought leader.

  3. Use Social Media to Showcase Your Skills - Use social media to showcase your skills and accomplishments. Share examples of your work, including blog posts, articles, and other types of content. This will provide recruiters with a clear idea of what you can bring to the table.


In conclusion, perceptions play a critical role in the hiring process. Recruiters use a variety of tools and strategies to narrow down candidates and look for specific qualities that match their company's needs. It's up to all of us to ensure that our perceptions are fair, unbiased, and inclusive to help build stronger and more diverse teams.

Take time to consider what your online presence says about you and what you would want a potential client or recruiter to see. We run a service to help you stand out from the crowd by having engaging professional images. We are based in Croydon and have supported professionals in getting their needed headshots. If you want to take your image seriously, feel free to contact us via our site

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