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Terms and conditions

TermsTerms and conditions

Communication  (events)

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure all information given is correct upon booking.

  2. Please contact via email/phone if information needs to be amended or an adjustment needs to be made at least 2-3 days before the event. Please check that the amendments have been received and accepted.

  3. A meeting/conversation (face to face, email, or via phone) should be arranged if possible before the event. This is to make sure the objectives for the booking are met. Please try to be available to have a discussion.

  4.  I cannot account for events on the event day that is beyond my control.

    1.  Try to keep things on schedule

    2.  Make sure people are aware of Blaqpix Photography services commissioned

      •  Access permits issued where required

      • Priority to capture images

      • That places are safe and accessible

  5. The best methods of contact are via email or WhatsApp 07904860642 (I like to have a written trail where possible).

  6.  A booking is only secure once a deposit has been received a. A deposit will be 50% of the quoted fee

Services offered

  1. We offer primarily offer a Portrait service, however, we do occasionally do events and weddings

  2. Date and times slots are booked for each session

  3. Hair and makeup is done by the client unless included in the service purchased

  4. Clients are encouraged to come back to the studio for the reveal of their images. This is normally done face to face but in special circumstances will be done via conference platforms such as zoom.

  5. Prints are offered in this service as standard in most packages

  6. Additional prints may be purchasable if required



  1. Weddings are bespoke and will have their own bespoke contract that you will need to sign. The contract will stipulate the specific terms that may differ from the general terms and conditions

  2. The wedding packages offer prints and an album, please see your contract for further information



  1. General events come in tariffs depending on the amount of time required they range from 0-6 hours of service

  2. An online gallery is given which is sharable

  3. This gallery will be discarded in a month, therefore, it is important that the images are downloaded and secured safely upon delivery

  4. Requests are the month of publishing will incur the full cost of the original booking

  5. Key moments of the event will be captured by the photographer

  6. Guests will be captured as they interact or perform tasks

  7. A Photoshoot will not be carried out if booked for an event service By photoshoot we mean guided posed images to replicate a bespoke professional photoshoot

  8. We will take photos of guests posing naturally in the environment the event is in

  9. No retouching is included

  10. Images will be sent within 14 working days of the event where possible. If you need a quicker turn around please ask and I will do my best to honour this if possible (but this could incur an additional fee).

  11. Images will be edited on delivery

  12. Images are submitted in standard resolution 4mp at 250 resolution


Health and Safety

1. We expect there to be mutual respect between yourself and guests at your event/photoshoot. Abuse will not be tolerated.

2. Safety is paramount, I will not put myself in situations where I am not safe to take an image.

a. Keep yourself safe during the shoot, do not do anything you are not comfortable with

b. I am not responsible for the decisions people make under the influence of substances

c. I am not responsible for the decisions of people insight of my camera.

d. I will advise you if I perceive danger or a dangerous situation during shoots

e. The UK law must be kept during shoots Payments Payments can be made via the site, or bank transfer we can in some cases accept cash



  1. Full payment must be given before receipt of any product Licensing/Copyright

  2. When purchasing images for personal the client has the rights to publish on their personal social media

  3. Commercial use of images for resale or media publication is not permitted unless this has been agreed upon beforehand

  4. To avoid confusion please state the intention of the images used

  5. Please ask before submitting to a publisher

  6. Purchase of commercial licenses vary on the nature of the publication

  7. Reselling the image is not permitted


Cancellation policy

  1. Full refund if cancelled 2 weeks (or over) in advance for all services (with the exception of weddings due to work carried out prior to a wedding service)

  2. Partial refund if cancelled a week in advance 75%

  3. No refund if cancelled on the week or day of the shoot

  4. Rescheduling may be done a total of 2 times prior to service free of charge with a week's notice.

  5. A rescheduled service will not be eligible for a refund.

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