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Self Development Is It Over-rated?

Like the scream of screeching nails scratching against a dusty blackboard, is the voice of a condescending smuck telling you how you have not reached your potential. Rest assured my objective is to give my two pence on the subject, from that you can make your own mind up.

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Self development is a tool I am using to reach the potential I did not know I had. It is like a frustrating misty pathway where I never quite no where I am going to land, I step out on the hope that by trying, things will get clearer. Each obstacle at first seems difficult and troublesome but the more I rehearse it, the more routine it becomes. As practice is the light that removes the fogs of fear and ignorance.

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Life does not revolve around photography, but this is a photography blog I feel like I would be sinning if I completely strayed. Late last year I embarked on a Youtube tutorial on using Photoshop. I pay good money to use the program, it would be a good idea to use it to it's potential. My journey through learning is very daunting, others before me can do some amazing processing that I wouldn't know where to begin. Which leads me to a key point, learning something new can be really scary. Our minds can really make mountains un-climbable and making us forget a journey of a million miles starts with one foot step. My first step was taking the time to watch the tutorials. After all what was the worse that could happen?

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The details of what I learned is not important, but the second point is I put my head down, I applied myself as an end result I obtained new skills that can open the doors for a wider circle of potential clients. Rather than pass work on I can help more people get what they need. This is essentially what self development is about, stretching your potential to meet a wider niche of need. Whether it be climbing the career ladder or quenching a desire to learn, self development is pivot-able.

I have not climbed my mountain yet, as for some strange reason the higher I get the larger this mountain gets. The moment I think I am getting closer to the top I learn there was a greater height to reach it just couldn't be seen from my lower view point. Now that I have climbed higher it is no longer a daunting as I have built resilience. I know that if I have got where I am I can keep going. Which brings me to my final point. Each time you push yourself, the fear of climbing reduces.

In my title I asked whether self development is over-rated? This is a question only you can answer. It's up to you to consider whether or not you are worth investing in albeit through a skill, rest, fitness etc. Self development is only as important as you make it. For those who are looking at the mountain and are scared, remember it starts with one step, you need to keep at it, once you have progressed the journey fear becomes less logical (I mean you've made it so far right?).

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