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Morocco Trip July 2017

Here are some shots from my trip to Morocco. I landed in Marrakesh but stayed in a hotel in the Ouirgane region which is on a mountain. I had an awesome time experiencing the culture, the lovely sun and again the lovely sun. The views where I stayed were out of this world. The scenes were mostly untouched and I really felt I was in Africa, by this I meant the natural Africa prior human influence. This was my first time in Africa, God willing not my last but a memorable experience.

This was my attempt on a sunset after failing to snap the bird wild life. They were way too swift and small for me to get any goodies. I wanted a silhouette effect as I just think it looks cool.

I wanted to swim in this, but there was no one else around and I was not sure what the wild life was saying. As no one knew where I was, or could rescue me I opted out. But the weather was so hot would of been real nice. Talk about peace, no people just this, ohh I was almost in heaven.

This is Omar, he has a gun in his hands and was doing a tradition that sets back to warriors on horse back who practiced a charge and a gun fire. Now a novice like me thought there were sticks until they charged and let off a loud bang.

Cactus plant here grows all around and is also a food source. I saw times the poor in society picking them off the road to have something to eat. I never did get to try it.

This is one of the workers in Casablanca where I have some family. This was my national geographic moment. He was transferring the grain for sell from the farm.

This was a market, temporarily closed for a sand storm that made it impossible for trade. I decided to try to brave a shot. I think it came out alright.

I promise I did more than snapping. Here is when I went on a very hot 45 degree camel ride in the dessert. I had an awesome time and was so happy they trusted me to steer my caravan. This is a random person I met from London who just happened to be on the same adventure.

This is my number one supporter Sara from Morocco tonnes of support everywhere without fail. Love the encouragement makes a big difference, still in contact.

Me experiencing the culture with a little head wrap.

Loved the food, definitely get you some Moroccan grub. You will be filled, make sure you don't eat all the bread make space for the main course. The national dish here is Tajine.

My lovely hosts Hussain, had my back and was a great local source of information. This guy would call me if I was out too late to check on me, like wow who does that? Hussain does.

Met some relatives related by marriage. We had a fab time on the roads. They learned that I don't play when it comes to driving and so did those people trying to cut me up lolol. It was a true pleasure meeting them, they showed me around Casablanca.

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