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5 ways photography can help your brand

Have you ever wondered what impact photography can have on your brand? Or ever considered hiring a photographer but wasn't sure if you should do it yourself? If your answer to any of these things is yes then this article is just for you. Even if it's not, I invite you to read along.

1) It saves you time

Occasionally I hear from clients who are focused on saving as much money as possible. One way they consider this is when it comes to their branding. I get it, money can be tight and in those moments cutting corners may seem an attractive solution, but it's a gamble that does not always pay off.

Searching through stock image sites in some cases can be useful. In some cases, this is the best option. But if you need a specific image and it does not exist then all your searching has done is take you from doing the activities that make you money. As a brand, your energy should be on making money. Time is a precious resource and you need to use it wisely.

Another mistake some make is finding/taking a mediocre image as "it's better than paying". In the short term, this may seem right. But in the long term, you will at some point need to reconsider. Not right will always lead to extra work finding and replacing. As a brand, your image communicates faster than words.

2) Connects you to your clients

A brand needs to connect in order to be effective. In a world oversaturated with media and information, your audience needs to establish a connection. A photo that captures the attention of your audience and establishes a connection will take your viewers to a journey of considering your services.

Large corporations have understood this principle. They dedicate large budgets in order to establish an emotional connection with their brand. Think about it, those happy people drinking cola appeals to your sense of fun times. Before you know it, you form a connection with fun and cola This is why often these brands use media in order to increase their sales by effective marketing.

For small brands having a friendly face establishes trust. Your customers can connect you to your brand. The right photo can make someone decide they feel comfortable hiring you simply because you look right. When we see a quality image we associate it with what expect. You want your clients to see you as the best option.

3) Breaks up information

If you look at brands like Apple, their images are large and their text is minimal. Apple communicates more through its imagery than it does with its text. They want you to visualise using their products, and the best way they do this is by making their images dominant. A few clicks on their site and your mind wonders what it would be like to have one of their products

Images in some cases are efficient ways of communicating to a client. People often do not have time to read blocks of text. I admit that there are countless times someone clicks on my site, bypasses the information and ask me questions that could be answered with a few seconds of reading. But we all do it, we process so much information that anything that speeds up this process is widely appreciated.

4) Personalises your brand

Images are a quick way to be different. The type of images you show can convey a message about your brand more effectively than a block of text. As a brand, it is important that your customers know what you are about. Let's look at a few examples.

This bowl of salad is a good example of health and well being. With this image, I would not need a block of text to convey how good this dish is for you. I have done that all by displaying an image. Now image throughout the page we had athletes running, images of gym equipment etc... In just a few images your clients will understand your brand which is unique to you.

Rather than having images that anyone can use, being unique gives you an opportunity to stand out. Along with consistent messages, you can establish what your brand is through photography.

5) Demonstration not description

Your photos can show your audience how to use your products. It is an effective way to communicate why your service is useful. As a brand, one of the key messages you should be announcing is how your products or service can solve a problem. You need to demonstrate! Bring to life the great product you have to offer by showcasing it in all its glory. Show your audience why they need your services.

If you want to demonstrate that you are professional, an image can do this with ease. A well-crafted portrait of you can demonstrate that you are a skilled professional, you are experienced and that you are a pleasure to work with.

Model beauty shot
Sherelle, MUA Nicole

Here is an image I took of a model. I wanted to convey her beauty, elegance and style. I also wanted to complement the work of the make-up artist. The photo speaks for itself. The model and make-up are radiating their talent through this excellent photograph.

This photo I took to gave this author an image for her book cover. The book was about her experiences. She was able to use her image to effectively sell her story internationally.

An image can demonstrate a concept faster than words. Brand images keep on giving and are a worthwhile investment. I would recommend any dedicated brand to invest in your image. Think about ways photos can help you to earn and communicate effectively with your audience.

Croydon photography service

If you would like some images to help with your brand, click the button below and let me know how I can be of assistance. I specialise in portraits and would love to hear from you. Our service is based in Croydon, South London.

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