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Elizabeth James Gallery

Exhibiting my work was one of my 2018 goals. It was something I had always wanted to do. Something I felt unworthy of. As a photographer occasionally insecurity slips in and doubt creeps in. An exhibition is a milestone in my career that I shall not forget. I would recommend all creatives to have at some point their work out for display. There is a power in the printed image, that transcends a digital screen.

My exhibition took place in the Elizabeth James gallery. The Gallery is located on 10 Portland Street in South Norwood (next to the train station Norwood Junction). It serves a purpose to promote art within the local community from sketches, painting, photography which are displayed on monthly basis. It serves as a hub for workshops where people can learn how to use craft and creative skills to birth radical ideas.

I had declared that I would have an exhibition this year as a goal, but had no idea how it would happen, nor did I know about the processes or where to go. All I hoped for was for an opportunity to come my way. So to my delight I saw an advert locally offering for submissions I thought this would be my chance! Secretly I didn't think anything will come of it but I thought rejection may be a learning curve. To my surprise in my inbox I received a response declaring interest in my work. With some guidance from my friends and Elizabeth I was able to put together a collection to display.


I know I can produce good work, but when it comes to revealing it, I always feel that someone is going to dislike it. I tend to overthink, see things that can be improved and go crazy in my mind thinking my work will be rejected. So during the build up to the event I was anxious, had I picked the right images? Were they too weird? Such and such is coming they ain't going to be impressed? What if I let everyone down?

People kept asking me "are you excited?" to which I could only say "no". I really wasn't excited I was just nervous. I had seen a variety of things I could of improved, I had things going utterly wrong but did not want to let my people down. For some reason I thought I would be an embarrassment.


Imagine your work being displayed but printed off incorrectly. Then imagine you have a tight deadline to correct this and the manufacturer is just giving a blase response that dismisses your concern and does not offer up a solution. I did not want something that was not a representation of my work being up for display. I had no choice but to use a different company to replace this image.

Furthermore, my custom limited edition business cards printed only for the event had not arrived. This event for me was about promotion, getting out there, being noticed in the community. I could not afford for my investment to go un-noticed and have no follow up.

Eventually I calmed down, I accepted it would be what it is and it's best to just make the most of the experience. Best decision ever, things worked out alright in the end there was no need to panic.

The night

The night was a great turn out. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all my supporters. Without my support I would of had no one to talk to. Shout out to my family, Lenses of Croydon, my colleagues, facebook crew, my friends, my associated family, my Whatsapp group, my godson and Elizabeth James. I would also like to thank the other artist who exhibited and supported the show. It was great to see successful photographers, family and friends looking over my efforts and mingling with people.

My Images

These are the works I submitted along with their description.

Cheeky Baseball

Give life your best whack. As Lala prepares to swing her bat, her face eagerly anticipates what is ahead. Life may throw some curve balls, but that shouldn’t stop you from swinging.

Being me

There was a point where Lala was encouraged to be more normal, to fit in and get the gigs as an actor. However, she decided that she was not a sheep but took the step to step out and be herself.

The jump shot

Life is to be enjoyed, life is to be treasured.

This shot was a way of me expressing the energy from Lala through the power of gesture. To also compliment the energy that expresses itself through the outfits and style Lala wears.

Rockin’ Bling

The true treasure comes from valuing yourself. You are beautiful in every way just the way you are. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, that way you will truly shine.

Thank you for your continous support, sharing along in my journey. I appreciate you all. Items above are for sale, message me if you are interested in a print.

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