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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Priceless articles burned to ashes, vital stocks destroyed and businesses severely affected by a flaming building. The crossover of 2019 was truly a night to remember. In my eye line was a large industrial uncontrolled fire. What I didn't know was that this fire began at 5:00 pm and from this time kept burning days after it had started. It was an unusual sight, a large pillar of smoke that was a beacon of bewilderment to the community.

New years eve fire
Fire of Croydon

I have heard several touching stories of how this fire has affected the community. I wont go into specific details, however the demographic affected was greater than I had imagined. During the time of the fire, I presumed that it was simply a warehouse with maybe replaceable stocks covered by insurance policies. In reality this unit was a storage for the local community full of items that were not only rare but had irreplaceable sentimental value. Even worse regardless of the value lost, people were only due to be paid £2,000.

This is my first lesson of 2019, sometimes the true impact of an event is not how it appears. Sometimes we (as I did) look and come to false conclusions due to a lack of understanding when events happen. We sometimes under-estimate how things can have significant impacts on others.

In the new year I am to continue to grow develop and to have better opportunities. Tomorrow is not promised and I hope that I can utilise every gift given to me and make something good from it.

2019, for many represents hope, change and leaving behind the drama of 2018. For myself it was a partial reset, by this I mean it was a time to refocus. Reflecting on my time this year and the amazing things I was able to achieve, I am truly grateful. Gone are the disappointments of 2018, I am not holding on to them. Instead I am pressing towards my goals.

Taken by @chri.nk edited by @blaqpix
Portrait of me

Last year, I was over ambitious, I pushed my self to unsustainable levels. One of which was blogging too consistently, which led to a burnout. This year I am lining up some blogs and will release them at various points. I intend to meet interesting people with contrasting lifestyles.

Once again thanks for all the support, it has not gone un-noticed. Thank you Christine for taking my pictures (I have tweeked them just the a little).

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