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Peak District, A Gem Worth Exploring

Peak District

England has some outstanding locations that are often overlooked for trips abroad.

They say, "The grass is greener on the other side".

But I say "Look down and appreciate your grass!!" The Peak District is a gem worth taking some time to view and explore. It is free and will only cost you your travel and accommodation, if you stay the night.

What can I say about this place? This is almost a heaven on earth. The Peak District is a photographer’s playground. It's a place to really be in awe of the picturesque views. There are many miles to discover of beautiful nature. We are quite fortunate to have places like this available. If walking around isn't your thing, you can do as this couple did and sit down to absorb the view.

Ladybower dam

The are shots from the dame by Heatherdene. Please visit, but I warn you, bring plenty of water, have the right gear, check the weather and don't get lost. The energy used on this trip and the hunger I had was serious.

How to get there

Drive there. I am sure there may be the odd coach that take people here but honestly, it would be better to drive. There are free parking spaces if you know where to look or paid parking bays. Driving is a lot more convenient and gives you flexibility. There are train stations in the area, but it is not really accessible to sites like the one in the picture.

I have been to visit here twice, but have been through here on many occasions on a lovely stretch of road called the snake passage. Snake passage is a road that connects Manchester to Sheffield and Derby. It cuts through the district with some memorising, majestic, moving scenery. It is also quite a challenging road from which many incidents occur. As you can expect, it often closes in harsh weather conditions. I warn you, overtaking is not for the faint hearted. However for the drivers out there, it really is an great slab of road.

My Experience


There is an awesome lake, from which one small patch of land is guarded by some unfriendly fisher people (it's no longer PC to say fishermen apparently). I have a little grudge as they denied me the photo I wanted of the lake but I didn't have a fishing license :). I still managed to get a good shot I hope. On the other side of the lake, you are able to get plenty of shots so don't let them put you off.

The Bridge

The Ladybower Dam/Bridge is awesome, and the views available make it worth the while. As you can imagine, there are a fews things you can do here - fish, ride boats etc. I did not see any swimmers but I doubt the Loch Ness Monster was in the water. The bridge can be found in Heatherdene S33 0BY.

Ladybower Dam

Ladybower Dam

Special permission to stand here. This shot was taken with a tripod and a timer. If I ever make it as a model, this was my early days. I would of loved to go down further, but I doubt I'd be able to get back up. The beauty of these locations is that the general public are not in your shot.

Hiking On The Hills

For the hikers, there are plenty of popular walks. In 2015, I participated in the Mar Tor (Mother Hill) Ridge walk in Castleton. The walk starts off with a steady climb up a hill, then a straight forward walk up a ridge. On a clear day, you can see for miles acres of unspoilt land.

Mam Tor hill


  • For this hike you don't have to be super fit, however you are advised to have a map, water and suitable attire

  • When we went we met with cyclist, small children and the elderly so this is definitely do-able (please consult your GP if you have a condition that may hinder you)

  • Do your research in advance so you know what you are doing

  • Bring some food with you to keep you going

  • Bring a camera, otherwise you will regret it

  • Go in good weather.

In the town Castleton there are plenty of Gastro pubs, small shops and ice cream vendors. There was also a cave tour for those who don't fancy a trek up a mountain. Essentially if you go as a big group with different physical abilities, there should be something within everyone's abilities.

I have only scratched the surface of an amazing place. But I hope you have been informed about one of our gems worth visiting.

Finals Words

In the beginning, I stated this was a hidden gem worth visiting. As you can see from the images, "the grass is truly green". Why not give it a go and appreciate what the Peak District has to offer.


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