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We understand that money is a primary concern for our clients and do our best to offer quality and value. Our pricing takes into consideration the length of time it takes to go through the whole process of providing a service. We believe in quality over quality and we want to provide the best service we can without cutting corners. Our images are only delivered once edited or retouched which is a process that takes time. We asked our clients an aspect they hate about photography services and you responded stating hard pressure tactics make you uncomfortable. For this reason, we are as transparent about costs and like to allow you to make your own decision. It is important that you become a life time customer.


Here is some information about headshots in our Croydon Studio. Headshots are usually suited for professional use. They consist of images that focus on the face are suitable for showing who you are to a potential client or employer. A good headshot will convey your professionalism, approachability and suitability for the role. Often, business owners, actors and models request headshots. As a rule of thumb, it is good to update these yearly if you are applying for castings and every few years if running a business.

Headshots can also be used for social media and branding. When conveying a message to an audience a headshot shows your audience who you are, cultivating trust and removing a barrier that can be faced when working with someone new.

Our headshots will take into mind the purpose you intend to use it. We are also able to remove imperfections in the skin (if you desire) to show you in your best light, while at the same time not taking away from who you are. 

Prints and wall art

Information about prints and albums at our Croydon studio. There is no better way of capturing a moment in time than through a physical image hung on a wall or printed in an album. It is a stamp in time that you, your guests and your descendants can look back as a marker in history. The frames we use are black wooden and are hand made.

Prints are good for portraits of individuals, couples and families. This can be done for special occasions such as birthdays, maternity celebrations and appreciation gifts. Most of our printing is done inhouse, we like to control how the images are printed. We can commission prints for things our studio cannot handle from professional photography supplies only. 



Digital photography studio

Digital packages are suitable for clients who need a digital image for their social media, publishing and prefer the digital medium. We have a range of different packages to suit different people. Our Al La carte option allows you to pay for the images you want from a shoot (£50 for a session). We also have digital packages which work out cost-effective to purchase. We shoot primarily at our Croydon Studio location but have the capability of shooting at our trusted studio locations



The purpose of event photography is to capture a moment in time. This can be used for corporate functions, birthdays and special occasions. Our events cover half day, full day, weddings, funerals and other significant events. 

A feature our clients find help with is their personalised gallery which is made available for up to 28 days after delivery. This allows anyone with the password to download the images freeing you to simply enjoy the images.



For best results, it is advisable to book me before the start of an event. This allows the commencement of the event to be captured.


Booking is done via the booking portal where tabs will direct you to our different packages.

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