The Mental Health Project

Mental health is often a taboo topic that people do not like to talk about. Being near Christmas a time often difficult for many, I thought it be appropriate to start a conversation about mental health. To show through photography it is closer to us than we think.

The idea of this project was to use the running mascara as an indication that something deeper was occurring. As mental health is often an invisible condition, I needed a way to show it clearly. The sign of everything is ok is a depiction on the front people display often when they want to look like it is all together.

The glamour and high street fashion brings some reality to this health concern. It shows that people who look glamorous and stylish can struggle. The shoot was down in Oxford Street purposely as sometimes we see people who have everything they need but yet have nothing at the same time. It was to cause people in this season of shopping and material gain to think about those around them. It was also a call to action for those who are struggling to get the needed help. I was not fortunate enough to work with any major charities, however MIND were kind enough to allow me to sign post to them.

Phase 1

During this season of celebration and goodwill, remember those who are hurting inside. Though they appear to be merry and cheerful, a smile can mask a world of hurt. Christmas increasingly for some is one of the most isolating times. A period where self harm and suicidal thoughts are on the increase. If you are going through a tough time, know that you are not alone and there is help out there. Your tears have been seen and there is an ear to your concern. Let us help spread awareness, let people know they are not alone and give them special gift of hope.

For more information check the link If you are going through a tough time don’t be afraid to book an appointment with your GP

Phase 2

A simple slideshow to communicate on a slightly different medium for those who are not on the subscribed media platforms. This was a collaboration with the upcoming artist Hanson Asiedu and model Valerie. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible to make the message clear an coherent.

Phase 3

"Everything is fine", but is it really. So often it is hard to tell someone how you really feel. You mask it with a smile and tell those around you you are doing well. You appear to have it all together the friends, the social life and material gain. But inside your hurting in silence. Let this truly be a season of cheer, pick yourself up get help.

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Croydon Photographer © 2020 by Christopher Bovell.