Seven things you must experience when going to Malta

Eat A Rabbit

1) Rabbit, yes I said Rabbit. The national dish for Malta is Rabbit, it tastes like venison and it traditionally comes with a olive oil and garlic dressing and of course bread. I assure you it was really nice, I recommend this for those of you who love your food. You can get this dish all over the island.

Boat Trip

2) Day boat trip to Goza in the hot sun. Buffet of food, drink and did I mention the sun. You can swim in the warm sea (please avoid the jelly fish). Ofcourse there are wonderful views to behold aswell. You can book this in advance on popular holiday sites.

Ride A Mario Kart Over The Island

3) Ride a Mario kart over the whole island. Not only do you own the road, but it is one of the most fun driving experiences I have ever had. Wind in my face, and sun on my shoulders, this is a must must. Below is my kart. I only wish it went faster lol, had to let the cars overtake me on the motorway lol.

I hired this from a place renting scooters, cars, and quads. Also look around for the best deal, some places are cheaper than others.

Take A Boat To The Caves

4) Take a boat ride to see the caves. On a hot day it is refreshing to be near the water, to feel the breeze and to explore a different perspective of the island.

Go On A Jeep Tour

5) Go on a jeep tour for the day. Not only do you get taken to see so many sites, you also have the lovely experience of bouncing up and down a car in the scorching heat. I booked this through a popular trip advisor for a reasonable price (plus food was included).

Watch The Sunset

6) Pick an amazing spot to watch the sun go down. This was a pool beach right by the shore. Free to enter, but buy a drink or two. This was right next to the National Malta Aquarium.

Go Fish

7) Visit the fishing village. It is just a peaceful place, there are plenty of tourist shops, the water is warm and calm and I love the boats anchored in the water.

Malta is an awesome place, I would definitely recommend it. The people are lovely, they speak English (bonus for me) and they even drive on the correct side of the road (so if you are from England and are worried about driving you will be fine).

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