Scenes From Netherlands You Most Likely Have Never Seen

When many think of Holland they think Amsterdam, red light district, coffee shops and nightlife. I was determined to see another side of Holland and set out to really take in the scenery culture and chill.

With this in mind I stayed outside Amsterdam to a place called Pumerand.

Pumerand is a 20 minute bus journey from Amsterdam and is a suburban town. It has everything you need to shop, eat and take part in leisure. From this location I planned to visit various locations in the country knowing I had the freedom of using the car with ease as I was outside the busy centres.

On What is almost an island with one road to and from this place with enough land only for a tiny road I traveled to Marken to a place called Het Paard van Marken. The waters hear were still and there was a scenic lighthouse.

I was fortunate to go to Amsterdam and see all aspects of the city (minus the red light zone). I saw the bridges, a tram deport and other cool sights (cool to me anyway). Amsterdam really has a lot to offer for those willing to explore, from sky scrapers to micro communities around the riverbank.

I was fortunate to find a historic fishing village called Katham where I was able to take a variety of shots as well as Hoorn which also featured a museum.

This is a power station located at the South of the country called Maasvlakte. I drove here hoping to get a ferry but all the rides tourist rides were done for the day. So I decided to make the most of my surroundings and play with the HDR settings.

Opposite to the power plant is this shipping port, where I presume tonnes or trade enters and exits each day. I waited in the cold, shivering for the sun to go to a place where I liked it. It was worth it in the end.

This is the Moses bridge. Unfortunately I was not able to get the shot I wanted as the pathway was flooded due to the day before being continuous rain. But this is the best I could do, on reflection I would of taken this differently.

Here are some buildings and designs unique that I was loving. Thos country really knows how to make the most of their water features.

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