My Trip to Ireland

This was my first trip to Ireland, hopefully not my last. I entered the lovely country in a place called Shannon (only because I had never heard of it before) as I wanted to explore Ireland. As you may be able to tell, I like to see the culture and history of a place and want to feel I get something from a country. Ireland ticked all those boxes, the castles I visited were full of a great legacy of information and I learned some amazing things about the place would definitely visit again.


A canon I took with my canon camera, thanks Mark. Below is a view of the Ratty river. Ratty River is right by the castle Bunratty which of course earned some of it's name from this river.

This I believe is within Bunratty castle, were some of the living quarters have been restored to how they were when in use. You should be able to see the thatched houses were people lived who served the castle a strategically placed fortress. There were blacksmiths, farmers and various supporting communities to keep the fortress running.

This is a view from Limerick castle. You should be able to see a football stadium and have an indication of how elements of the old castle are integrated into the modern buildings around it.

This is within the Limerick castle.

Ireland was a pleasure to visit, good local food, friendly people. Visit Ireland, it's cheap to reach and there are plenty things to do. I visited Ireland on my own and felt safe. I can see why there is so much pride in the Irish and I am proud to have visited.

This is me visiting the cliffs of Moher in the lovely weather. I am clearly thrilled to be pelted by the cold wet wind. I kept my camera safely hidden of course did not want water damage. Unfortunately there was not much to see with this midst. It took me about 2 hours to get dry from this, I was drenched all over.

The cliffs are located at the Southwest of Ireland and fortunately there is a refuge to enter to escape to so don't be put off by my expressions.

Do not be put off by the last pictures, Ireland is a lovely land with lovely people who are warm and helpful. Take advantage of this place, it is a fabulous place to explore and the culture is deeply embedded. If you are a Bajan reading this please try their soda bread (it will make sense once you try it).

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