Chris Does Fashion

Fashion photography is something I definitely want to do more of. In 2018 I did my first fashion shoot and I enjoyed it. By the end of the shoot I was truly buzzing! Fashion is something I enjoyed doing, working with a team who is enthusiastic and willing to try out ideas is a "Godsend". The shoot was for Frequency Clothing, an ethical luxury clothing outlet.

Fashion Photography

This type of photography is geared towards selling a product by helping the audience to visualise the use of a clothing product. When I took up the task of capturing the products, my goal was to make sure the images reflected the product as I realised that the long term visualisation from the customer needed to be accurate in terms of colours and proportions.

There was one thing that made me think about this shoot and that was branding. The designer wanted luxury, but clearly had an urban setting to their product shoot. As I was not the main photographer I went along, but deep down I thought, maybe shooting on a boat, in an affluent area or with expensive cars would have projected this luxury image more.

There is a flip side to this. Making the most of a situation and turning it in your favour. A question I asked myself is how could I have used what was available (whilst using the designer's chosen sets) to convey luxury more? How could I bring out the prestige in an urban setting. Not every situation I face will be favourable and I need to consider how to make the most of them. This is an area of improvement for me and something I will apply in my next fashion shoot.

I was able to break away from the graffiti/brick walls for one of the shots. Here there was a gorgeous tint on a window which I felt would photograph well. I wanted to get the model inside for a quick shot, but the manager was in, so no luck.

On reflection another area I feel I could improve on is the model poses. The model has the power to influence perception simply by their demeanour. This is a combination of a good model who can project character and good direction. On this shoot I was not going for anything too fancy and the clothes were really centre stage.

My Ethos

On my photoshoots, I tend to try to ask a lot of questions and query conflicts in concepts. This is not an attempt to assert my wishes and demands but really help the client(s) get what they actually want. Sometimes for a job to go well the client needs some assistance in materialising their vision.

This was my little spin on a well known Beatles album shoot. For something so simple, it proved to be harder than expected due to synchronisation problems. With persistence, we got there in the end. I am always looking at my fellow photographer's work, it truly can catalysis ideas and concepts.

I also went for some edgy, attitude shots, to really give some character to the group. I didn't just want them standing, I wanted them to ooze out energy. I noted a lot of group shots were done in a line, for this shot I decided to add some depth.

This was me working with the model in the centre. He really needed support to get out of his shell and look comfortable behind the lens. There is something about this shot, that I like.

Working With People

When I started to get back into photography, one of the things I wanted to avoid was people. For me people meant negativity, it meant conflict and it meant rejection. I paralysed myself simply due to my own fear. Looking back I am now more comfortable, this is a big milestone that I am glad to have crossed.

I was in my comfort zone when shooting scapes. It appealed to me as I was in control and I didn't have to worry about people. No one had to see the images, which meant that it did not matter if people did not approve them.

I have grown in my knowledge of composition and how to direct people. Though sometimes I do get a little shy when around greatness, this is something I aim to nip in the bud. We all started somewhere right?


I am glad to be able to see growth and development in my photography journey. Fashion photography is a new area for me but an area I see myself excelling in. Working with people isn't so bad and can be an asset rather than a limitation. Thank you for taking the time to share in my journey, please feel free to comment below.

Do you think I have what it takes to be a model or should I stick to taking the photos?

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