Bring Out The Skates @ Roller and Hyde

Did you ever wish to skate but not know where and when? If the answer is yes I have something for you.

What's It All About

Each Sunday a friendly group of people come together to skate. Equipped with their skates, pads, and most of all a smile they come together. If you like to skate, join this movement NOW. Mingle with new people and see London in a different light.

The Requirements

1) You need to be able to go forward, turn left and right in a controlled manner

2) You need to be able to stop safely

3) To be able to keep to the left, to let the safety marshals through

4) Be wearing skates at the time of the event

5) Smiling is not compulsory but would be greatly appreciated


You are not alone on this journey, you will have several skilled skaters in hi-vis attire making sure you are safe. The pace is comfortable and there will always be someone in front and behind to keep you safe. The marshals will also stop traffic to make sure it is safe for you to pass by. This will all be explained to you on a briefing before you start, you are free to ask questions if you are unsure.

Additional Extras

If talking is not your thing, don't worry there is a DJ playing music through wireless boom speakers. No matter where you are in the group, you will most likely be close to the many portable skating speakers that will be escorting you around London.

How Do I Join?

Check out the page "Sunday Strollers" on facebook. The event occurs each Sunday 2pm at Hyde Park Corner (the entrance near the Tube station). It is free, however you need to bring your own skates or hire them for a tenner (for the day if returned by 5pm). The routes may vary but will be published on the facebook page in advance.

Hyde Park Skaters

For the more advanced skaters you can boogie with the big boys. If you want to skate in the one location stay on the Hyde park strip. There are plenty of spaces to do home in your skills. I spotted tutors who offer lessons and can train you to get up to speed.

On the strip they practice the slalom, some bring their own speakers and lights and if you are lucky they may even give you some great shots if you ask nicely as I did ;).

Here are some of the images I captured, I hope you enjoy them.

What are you waiting for grab your skates and get rolling!!


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