Our Croydon studio photography portrait service is aimed at all levels. If you lack confidence we are here to help you achieve what you thought was not possible. If you lack creativity we are here to add some flavour to your poses.

As you can see out editing and retouching is natural, we want your outer beauty to be celebrated and not altered. We do most of our photos in the studio where we can control the environment but do occasionally do locations and larger studio spaces if that is what you require.

Our events photography is primarily candid. We love to capture natural moments as they trigger significant memories.  We are skilled storytellers, we don't write but we let the photos do the talking! We love to engage with your guests to help them feel comfortable during the events. We found this produces better quality images as everyone is relaxed. 

Weddings have a mixture of candid and posed imagery. Our style likes to make even the posed feel a warm and natural as possible. We are a Croydon based service but available to travel local and further.

Top tips

Our portfolio showcases some of our best work with our clients. With some guidance and direction, you can also have fabulous images too. Here are some top tips for great photos 

 Remember you are not alone; you have an expert to help you each step of the way. 


Think about the colours you and your team are going to wear on the date of the shoot. Some colours work really well together and can be make a photo really special